Saturday, November 13, 2010

oil lamp/pelita

Vintage oil lamp. Height 36cm. Blue metal base and clear glass chinmey.

Slightly tarnished with age. (Refer to photo). Old stock but never used.

Harga: RM90 (postage to be determined).                             ( SOLD )


talam ayan/enamel tray

Enamel tray 14". Unused but old stock. Excellent condition.

Available 3 pcs. Harga: RM30.00 each. (Shipping to discuss)


enamel spoon

Old stock but unused enamel spoon, red and green.
4pcs for RM10.00 (shipping charges to confirm).
Contact : for further details.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

acuan tembaga

Acuan kuih bahulu yang diperbuat daripada tembaga merah. Condition: very good. Tidak pernah diguna. size 7".
Harga : RM90 (shipping charges to confirm). Hubungi:

Wedding tea set

Tea set for Chinese wedding. 1 teapot, 1 tray (10") & 4 cups with old style gold trimming.

Quite rare. Dragon & phoenix design with seong hei "double happiness" word. Excellent condition. Never used.

Price : RM150.00. (Self collection preferred) Contact :

Mangkuk manisan/salad

Dessert/salad bowl made of glass. Very pretty. 6" diameter 2" height. Good condition. Never used. Harga : 1 pc @ RM10. 2pcs @ RM16. (Shipping to confirm). Hubungi:

Retro glass set

Satu set 3 gelas. 2.75" top diameter 4" height. Percuma (FOC) satu gelas mini 1.5"diameter
2.2" height. Available 4 sets. Good condition & never used.

Harga: RM20.00 satu set. (Shipping to discuss). Beli semua harga boleh nego. Hubungi: SOLD ALL 4 SETS

Talam ayan / enamel ware

Talam ayan. Enamel tray. 14". Made in China. Camel brand. Old stock still wrapped in original white paper when found. Very good condition. Never used. Harga: RM20.00. (Shipping charges to discuss).
Hubungi : SOLD

wooden cookies mould

Wooden kuih/cookies mould. 7.5" x 1". Condition good. Old stock but not used.
1 pc RM10. 2pcs. RM16. (Shipping charges to discuss). Hubungi

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pinggan Bunga Ros Hitam

Black Rose oval platter 12". Good condition. New old stock.
Price : RM40.00 (Postage to be determined).

Kalau minat, sila hubungi melalui email :

Bunga Kangkung soup bowl & spoon

Bunga Kangkung bowl 5" diameter x 3" height plus soup spoon.
Good condition. Never used. Price: RM10.00 per set. (Shipping not
included. To discuss arrangement).
Kalau minat, sila hubungi melalui email:


Acuan Kuih Bahulu Tembaga

Kuih Bahulu mould made of brass. Slightly tarnished with age.
Berat 860 gm. Never used. Good condition. 7" diameter. Price: RM90.00
(Postage to be determined).

Butter dish

Frosted glass butter dish. Never used. Good condition.
5"L x 3.5"W x 3"H. Price: RM30.00 (Postage to be determined).

Kalau minat, sila hubungi melalui email:

SOLD 2 pcs. Masih ada 2 pcs. lagi

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bunga Kangkung Ash Tray

Bekas habuk rokok. Corak bunga kangkung. Quite rare. Unused, good condition.

Diameter 4" Height 1.5".

Kalau minat hubungi melalui email:

SOLD ALL 6 pcs.