Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enamel basin

Enamel basin at least 30 years old but never used. Paint slightly chipped at base and brim of basin. Diametre 14.25" and height 4.5". Attractive rose and butterfly motif.
Price : RM40.00 . (postage to be determined).

Enamel tray

Floral design enamel tray. Set of 2 pcs . Small 11.75" Big 14.75". Slight rust spots on small tray and on part of the brim of big tray. Made in China. Old stock but never used.
Price : RM60.00 for 2 pcs. (postage to be determined). 


Enamel tray

Enamel tray. Made in China. Size range from 13.25" to 14". Good quality and condition. Old stock but never used.
Price : RM30.00 each (shipping charges not included). Contact:


Enamel tray

Chinese wedding enamel trays. L to R 11.5", 11.75" and 12". Old stock but never used. Made in China. Good condition.

Price : RM30.00 each (shipping charges not included). Contact :

NOTE: The biggest tray on the right is still

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Candy bowl

Vintage glass candy bowl 6.5"diametre and 4.5" height. Maker unknown.

Classic design popular in the 50's. Old stock but never used. Available 4 pcs.

Price : RM50.00 each (postage/handling charges to be determined).

Piring dodol


Glass dodol plates. (Piring dodol kaca). Condition very good. Old stock but never used.Colours : Light brown 5.5". Blue 5.75". Green 6". Dark brown 6.25". (RM30.00 for any 2 pcs)- exclusive of shipping charges

Piring teratai


Glass lotus plates used in the 50's. One set comes in 2 pieces.

Bowl is 5.5" and plate is 6.5" . Colours available brownish and clear glass. Old stock but never used. Price : RM30.00 per set. (postage and handling charges to be determined).

Bronze urn

Bronze urn with stand. Polished but slightly tarnished with age.
Previously used as incense burner. Suitable for adaptive reuse
as decoration item with oriental feel .
Weighs 3 kgs. Top diametre 8"and height 6".
Cost approx. RM200.00 when new.
Now selling RM70.00 only. (postage/handling charges to be determined).
Contact :


Thermos flask

Sunflower brand thermos flask used in the 50's. Made in Shanghai, China. Height 8". All parts are in tact. Old stock but never used. Makes great decoration items. Slightly tarnished with age.
Price : RM40.00 each. (Postage and handling to be determined).


Ash tray



1) Clear glass square ash tray in 2 designs. 3.5".
Green glass round ash tray . 4.25". Available 1 pc each.
2) Light blue round ash tray with colourful rose motif. 5" . Available 2 pcs.

Price : RM30.00 each (Postage to be determined).
Old stock but never used. Contact:

Pelita / Oil Lamp

Red globe 7 1/2" oil lamp with glass chimney.
Made in Hong Kong. Old stock but not used.

Good condition.
Price :  RM30.00. (Postage to be determined).